Batman: The Brave and the Bold Proto Bat-Bot is mine!

After seeing the Batman: The Brave and the Bold Proto Bat-Bot over at Super Duper Toy Box I knew I had to have one. Today my toy Karma came through for me, and I found one at Ross for only $16.99!

This guy retails for $29.99, so I consider that an excellent deal!

Proto is a HUGE toy, and weighty and badass and just plain awesome.

Turn his head and he makes some mechanical sounds as his chest pops open to reveal a canon - and Adam West's own voice says a line from the cartoon!
Push a button on his back and the cannon rotates to reveal a bunch of missiles which can be launched by turning the dial on the back.

"Thanks Batsy, I think I'll keep him!"


  1. I saw one of these at ROSS the other day and I almost picked it up. If it's still there when I get paid it's mine.

  2. Just like what I said to Super Duper Man Colin, that's just AWESOME but at the price you paid for, that's AWESOMER!! haha

    Man, so envy of you guys in the states - GREAT toys at BEST prices. Congrats!

  3. I paid about $23.00 for him, so you did real good Bubba! Is that toy fun, or what?! :D

  4. Ugggggghhhhhhhh! Thanks a lot guys now I have to find one too! It is so cool looking!

  5. I wonder if the Joker has any counter bat mecha...

  6. I was so tempted to get this when amazon had it for $9.99, I just didn't have another $15 worth of stuff to get free shipping. The Ross near me has several of these, I'm just not sure he is worth it to me. But I'm glad you like him, he is definitely a great design.

  7. Nice! Wish there was a Ross around NYC.
    Should've NOT passed on him when I saw. It's nowhere to be found now. :(