Harley Qwednesday :: Best Action Figure Ever!

Of course I am referring to the first ever Harley Quinn action figure!

Made by Kenner in 1997, Harley Quinn was perfectly rendered in plastic for her inaugural toy, and although my slight obsession with the character was still in it's infancy over a decade ago, I absolutely had to have her. I wasn't even collecting Batman Animated figures at the time!

I honestly don't remember the specifics of Harley Quinn's acquisition into my collection, but I am sure she was a hard one to find. I only have one of her and have only ever owned one of her, so I must have only seen her in the stores once.

I know Mattel released an updated JLU version of Harley Quinn online a few months ago, but that figure pales in comparison to this one, with a static pose, inferior sculpt, high price tag and re-used parts composition. Seriously, if you ever only own one Harley Quinn action figure, get this one!

Harley came with a couple accessories which are pretty much worthless for display because she can't really hold them in any functional manner. But the big gun with a 'BANG!' flag is fun all by itself and is fun in play mode.

"BANG! Haha fooled ya, Bird Boy!"

She also came with a boxing glove 'launcher' that probably failed safety guidelines and was therefore muted into a boxing glove push-out-a-quarter-of-an-incher.

"Dammit, missed again! I knew I shoulda waited until Batsy was just a little bit closer!"

Regardless of the silly accessories and inability for her to hold them correctly, this Harley Quinn is an excellent action figure and one of the cornerstones of my collection.

And I think they had other plans with the sculpt/pose anyways besides holding weapons. I think they intended for Harley to be posed arm in arm with her puddin':

"I just looove the big, strong, silent types. (Mistah J is gonna be so jealous!)"


  1. I will 100% agree, this is the one to own... I cannot remember how I came by mine as well, weird... maybe they snuck into our collections in the middle of the night?!

  2. ALL the old BtAS were quality toys to be fair, but yeah, Harley is a nice example of how great they were!

  3. Haha CB - I think the euphoria of simply owning a Harley Quinn action figure erased all other memories of the moment!

    All true, Onigaijan!