It's not easy being green

Mattel just released news and images for their San Diego Comic Con exclusives. I don't care to go on about all of them or about my feelings for Mattel and exclusives and if or when they will also be available online yadda yadda.

What I want to do is show you Swamp Thing. Because Swamp Thing is super cool,  and his recent shift back into the DC Universe proper means we'll probably be seeing a lot more of him in comic and toy form.

Starting with this Mattel offering, which is as usual a beautifully designed and sculpted figure and also as usual will be difficult to obtain. Look at the bright side - at least he isn't a C&C - you know how near-impossible trying to complete one of those can be.

For those of you lucky enough to get one (I'll be trying myself) here's hoping Swamp Thing does not suffer from the 'as usual' quality of most Mattel DC Universe Classics product.


  1. Swamp Thing! Now that is too cool and i want one. : )

  2. Swamp Thing is the only exclusive that I want. Normally when I see SDCC figures I think "that's cool, but nothing that I need to go out of my way to get." I wanted Plastic Man, but never actively tried to get him on ebay or anything.

    Swamp Thing is different. I've been hoping he would make his way into the DCUC line up for a long time. I must get my hands on him.

  3. I will be getting old swampy and the stay puft marshmallow man and my wife wants the monster high doll and polly pocket she-ra's .I hold no ill will towards Mattel but I can not stand digital river.The way I see it Mattel has done more then any other toy company has ever done in the past to produce what us adult children at hearts are wanting to buy.I dont think many 9 year old's wanted or cared about the wonder twins or swamp thing or lobo but Mattel made them for adults like me and Im thankful for that.

  4. Brother Midnight has a point about Mattel- they HAVE made some cool stuff we alawys wanted. The exlusive stuff, including MattyCollector I find annoying as well! I wish they would just flood the toy isles with great stuff we want instead of leaving me with empty pegs everywhere I look- they'd make more money if they let us ALL have what we want LOL :D