She's pretty as a daisy, but look out man she's crazy!

A few years back my brother from another mother Chunky B of Eclectorama fame sent me a care package that included the Girls of Gotham four action figure set. The set included Catwoman, Talia Al Ghul, Batgirl and Poison Ivy, all in the Batman Animated style.

I gave the set to my daughter who still carries all the figures in her travel bag to play with on long car rides.

Surprisingly, Poison Ivy from the Girls of Gotham set is different from the standard Batman Animated Poison Ivy, and as far as I know was unique to this set.

Ivy is more stylized and not exactly on model to the Batman Animated design, but is still very cute.

In fact I prefer this head sculpt to the standard release if only because the standard version of Ivy looks a little scrunched up in the neck.

Ivy came with her crossbow and a chomping plant accessory, but I didn't feel like digging those out of the bag for this photo shoot. Anyways, we all know Miss Isley is the star!

Of course Harley had to get in on the act when she heard her pal Pamela was being showcased!


  1. She always reminds me of Jessica Rabbit.

  2. That is awesome that your daughter still carries them around, I knew those would find a good home. Also, I never noticed Ivy was different for this set either, wow that's crazy. I always assumed it was a straight repack.

  3. I see the resemblance Jboy!

    Thanks again CB! And yes, the new sculpt surprised me too, especially since the packaging made no mention of the fact.