Captains America

On last Friday's Friday Breakage at Articulated Discussion Wes called me out on my description of my recent Marx Marvel Superheroes finds, saying "There’s a part of me that strongly doubts the reported size of these things — size comparisons with modern 6″ figures would have been awesome — but they’re still pretty cool finds." 

You dare question the great and powerful BubbaShelby?!?!?! Haha just kidding, a size comparison would have been keen, right?


So here ya' go:

Here's the Marx Captain America and the Marvel Legends 1st appearance Captain America side by side!

I tried my best to pose Cap like Cap to show that yes, these guys are for all intents and purposes in the same scale.

No trick photography here folks. That's how big these things really are!

Would I lie to you?


  1. Yeah, I think someone is talented with photoshop. Still not buying it.

  2. How cool to see these two side by side!