Under the Sea

Do not adjust your set. You are indeed seeing an honest to goodness dolly here on Toyriffic. Not a Mego dolly or a GI Dolly for boys; an honest to goodness Monster High dolly for girls!

And NO, this is not my dolly! It belongs to my daughter. Really. According to my daughter she had been searching for Lagoona Blue for a long time. We spotted this 'daughter of the sea monster' this past weekend at Toys R Us, so I bought it for her 3rd grade graduation present. She then spent the evening on MonsterHigh.com, watching cartoons and discovering that there are actually Monster High novels, which she now wants to read! Now that she has Lagoona Blue she is looking forward to adding Clawdeen Wolf to her collection next.

Toyriffic totally supports monster themed dollies.


  1. Awwwww! - a "chip off the old block"!

  2. The novels are YA books by the same woman who writes the Clique series of YA novels which are insanely popular with girls 10+.

    I might end up getting the SDCC exclusive Monster High figure of the zombie girl cosplaying as the zombie superhero Dead Fast. Comes with her fanfiction.

  3. I have yet to pick up one of the dolls because they're so bloody expensive, but I'm sure I'll give in and grab some version of Draculaura one of these days. Cute vampire girls, never could resist 'em.

    I admit to being curious about the novels, too, though I don't think I'd ever spend money on them.

  4. Isn't it awesome to have kids who love toys too? Hang on, all kids like toys, don't they? (At least for a bit at least...) Can't wait till my son asks for his first action figure! :)

  5. I talked about these dolls too. I an don't have any daughters at home.


    I think they are cool. It's too bad they have a witch one out yet.

  6. I have seen these before in the stores and never thought anything of them i guess they very popular then. : )

  7. Thanks SDTB and EbonyNicole30!

    I saw that one you speak of Action Ranger Timmy - if it isn't too hard to track down I may get it for my daughter too.

    westhecrayon, they are only about $16 at Toys R Us, less than a DCUC figure there!

    It is indeed awesome SirDragonBane!

    Great article Tim, I hadn't seen that one!

    They are pretty popular jboy, and some are harder to find than others apparently!

  8. I have a couple of these just because they look so damn cool. I gave one to my niece of course! The others are too cool to give away. I would imagine a Monster High movie will get made in the near future.

  9. Jay, I am contractually obligated to make fun of you for buying dollies for yourself.

    But it seems Monster High dollies are pretty popular with men too! Who would have known!