The Batman Mr. Freeze :: Coolsville, Daddy-O

Inspired by Colin's recent The Batman acquisitions over at the Super-Duper Toy Box, I recently dug out one of the finest of the series from my own collection, Mr. Freeze.

Yup, I had never opened my Mr. Freeze until today! You could say he was in cold storage. Hahahahaha!

Sadly when I did open him, his freezing action sword (basically just a tube full of freezing goo that holds the cold) is now nothing more than a tube of sticky goo that does nothing. Oh well. A cute gimmick for the kiddies but I can live without it.

Here's the cardback, showing off the awesome Bat-Bot that you couldn't even get in the US (to my knowledge.) I hate it when the toy companies do that. It's enough to make me (ice) scream. Hahahahaha!

I really love this Freeze character design. I like how in the cartoon his body is skinny and frail but the containment suit gives him his girth. That is sort of represented on the figure with the clear upper arms, although since there is no skinny arm inside them a little bit of the effect is lost in translation. That's my only gripe, and not nearly enough to cause me a winter of discontent. Hahahahahaa!

I especially love how Freeze's 'helmet' is ice that has 'grown' out of the suit and encompassed his head. A very clever and fun design element!

There was a variant for this figure with 'features,' while this common figure had a featureless face (more in tune with the toon.) I had both at one time, but sold off the variant due to my preference for the more cartoon accurate version and I don't regret it at all. The other version just left me cold. Hahahaha!

And here are a few of Mr. Freeze's 'The Batman' compatriots who wanted in on the fun. Firefly, Clayface and The Ventriloquist with Scarface. I think the only other 'The Batman' villain I own is Joker, but you'll just have to wait to see him some other day.

That's right, you just need to chill!



  1. Colin as been on a roll as of late with his Batman action figures and ones that have been impressing me has been all of the villains from The Batman line. Mister Freeze looks great. : )

  2. I like how they reimagined a lot of the characters in this series/show! They really reworked Freeze the most drastically. BTW: I could not resist the Imaginext Freeze and picked him up w/Penguin & Joker today :D Look what you & JBoy have wrought- he with B'Wana Beast/B&TB, you with Imaginext!