Harley Qwednesday BONUS :: Mad Love DCUC two pack by Mattel


With less than two hours left of today's Harley Qwednesday I was just informed of an upcoming Mattel DC Universe Classics two figure set featuring Harley Quinn and the Joker!

Repainting and re-releasing previous DC Universe Classics figures, this set looks awesome in box as it emulates Alex Ross' famous Mad Love image. The set will probably stay displayed in box in my collection too, since I already own the original release of Harley Quinn.

Originally spotted on this foreign auction site, this figure set is currently speculated to be an upcoming Walmart exclusive (blergh!) (EDIT: Word coming in from TNI is that this will be a Toys R Us exclusive) and is of course destined to be my next MUST (try like hell to find at retail) HAVE!

I'll keep you posted as I find out more!


  1. When you get it I want a whole story of the ordeal.

  2. What nice set Bubba i hope you can find it right away.

  3. Well, I certainly can't wait till you find it! Gotta love Harley Qwenesdays!

  4. That set looks great. I already have the Walmart Joker, but I passed on DCUC Harley due to her blue face. This one actually looks like an improvement to me.

  5. Why do they keep making Wal-Mart exclusives? Does Mattel not want their toys to sell?