You'll Not Seen Nuthin' Like The Mighty Quinn

Reports are coming in that DC Universe Classics Wave Four are already being found at retail! Poor little old me has only found one figure from Wave Three so far, and sadder still, there are many who haven't even found all of Wave Two! Come on Mattel, you're killing us! I needs me some DCUC love!

Okay, I've decided to take matters into my own hands. I intend to bring forth unto the land some positive DCUC Karma by devoting this whole week to some of the best figures from Wave One and Wave Two. That should appease the plastic Gods, and hopefully we'll have a fruitful harvest very soon.

First up is Harley Quinn - everyone's favorite Femme Fatale. Okay maybe not everyone, but she's been a fan favorite since day one, first leaping onto TV screens in Batman: The Animated Series and later making a seamless transition into the comic book universe.

Along with the Collect and Connect piece for Gorilla Grodd, Miss Quinn comes with a large wooden mallet...

...and a corked pop-gun that is certain to be more harmful than it would first appear.

Or not. Maybe flowers'll pop out of that thing. You never know with those Arkham loonies.

Like all DCUC, Harley has tons of articulation. She can hold both of her weapons with ease. My only quibble is that the female figures in the line appear pretty flimsy due to their long and very thin appendages. The girls tend to look a little too skinny, especially next to the buff male figures, but they're surprisingly sturdy and poseable.

"What hammer?"

"POP goes...your head!"
"Who you callin' crazy?!?!"
Her face does have a blue tint, which is not character accurate but is also a minor issue. If you don't like it, you could easily modify it, but I think it adds a little more personality to the figure, and helps her face stand out a bit. Probably in the top two from Wave Two, Harley is a must have for any serious Bat fan!

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