Harley Qwednesday :: Harleymobile, Lego style

For my Lego Harley Quinn (and her goon whom I have now dubbed Chester the Jester) I recently built this 'Butt Kickin' Bumpercar!'

No Lego Mini-figure is safe!

The bumper car has a rotating boot up front to kick the arse of anyone who dares cross the road when Harley is heading their way!

'Why did the chickens stay outta the road? Who cares, cuz I'm on yer sidewalks, kickin yer asses!'

Harley's butt kickin bumper car also has a hammer holder on the side and a crossbow holder in the cockpit. Just in case someone is lucky enough to avoid a boot in the blocky booty!

'See ya later, alligators; thanks for kickin' it with me. HAHAHAHA!'