Wheeljack City

During my lunch break yesterday I stopped in to the local Toys R Us for a quick look around. I was actually there to see the Pirates of the Caribbean Legos, because my daughter wants a mermaid Lego mini-figure, but as I always do I hit every aisle in the store to see what's new.

At the Transformers endcap were a bunch of old movie schlock and all those 'preview' Optimus Primes with 3-D glasses that no one cares about...and a lone Generations Warpath. Hmm, cool; I had considered getting that one (although as a kid my cousin owned the G1 Warpath, not I, so I don't really have any affection for him per se.)

What I was really hoping was that Warpath was a harbinger for the ever elusive Windcharger, so as I scanned the full Transformers aisle I was surprised to find the new Generations Wheeljack! I had to have him! There were a couple Kups and a couple Warpaths, one Scourge and only one Wheeljack. I never had Wheeljack as a kid but always loved his character in the cartoon. Ironically all the rest (Kup, Scourge and Warpath) were all part of my cousins G1 collection not mine; so again, I don't lament only having the funds for one toy this trip.

"Never do what your enemy expects you to do."

Wheeljack is superb. He's exactly what Wheeljack looked like in our 10 year old minds when we all played with the originals. And I love how the exhaust pipes double as 'wrenches' - what a fun touch!

His vehicle mode is far from the Lancia Stratos of the original, but still screams speed, power and Wheeljack.

"Who the hell are you supposed to be?"

Wheeljack is actually a 're-paint' of sorts, using much the same engineering and many of the components of the recently released Generation Tracks. But the transformation has been modified a bit as has the front bumper, wingtips (and of course the head) so there is plenty unique about this guy and he doesn't feel like a Tracks knockoff at all. I don't own Tracks and again I have no particular love for him, so displaying them side by side may be awkward but it doesn't affect me.

I know my pal Chunky B will be jealous of this one, as Wheeljack was one of his first and favorite Transformers and this one seems to be pretty hard to find (I've only seen this one so far.) Maybe they are going to be more abundant now, with the movie coming up, but who knows. They aren't made by Mattel, so there may be hope.

Addendum: I am so glad Wheeljack has an actual painted-on Autobot symbol and not that stupid rub sticker. I hated those as a kid and I hate them now. Would a cop or an Army Sergeant have his badge/rank blank for you to walk up to and rub against before knowing his affiliation? NO! Neither would an Autobot (maybe a Decepticon would, those guys are weirdos.)


  1. ...you suck...

    I'm kidding, great find man, I will be hitting the toy aisle this weekend in a desperate attempt to keep up... Wheeljack you will be mine once again!

  2. lol Bubba i just found one of these today too! And am not kidding with you either. Just don't tell Chunky ok. : )

  3. In transformers prime, wheeljack looked like that too.

  4. a true toy collector with the urge of impulse buying. :D
    wheeljack in Generations is the most "G1" thus far