Catwoman Purrrsday :: Baby's First (cat)Burgler

My Imaginext Catwoman I ordered from Fisher-Price.com finally arrived last week, just in time for a special announcement and a place of honor in the hallowed halls of Toyriffic....

You see, last week I discovered that come October I will be the proud papa of a new baby girl!


Which makes Catwoman here my baby's first superhero(villain!)

Baby of course won't be old enough to play with Catwoman for a few years, but until then Catwoman can decorate her little corner of our little home. Ya gotta raise a kid right nowadays, ya know?

Of course I also bought myself one of these awesome toys; how could I resist?!?! I must say I am very impressed with this first ever female Imaginext DC Super Friend! I sure hope they make more - a Harley Quinn would be nice!

And although she would have been totally awesome on her own, Catwoman also comes with a super cool catcycle which converts from road bike...

...to sleek street-racer for quick getaways!

And much like my Imaginext Hawkman, the details on this toy are surprisingly great for such a 'simple' design. Catwoman's mask and goggles are very comic accurate, and she's got a cute mischevious smirk.

Along with the catcycle, Catwoman came with a whip and a little kitty too! All this for six bucks?!?! Gettouttatown!

Even her fingertips are 'clawed!' Nice touch, and surprising, considering Mattels' penchant for parts re-use. There isn't much that can be reconstituted from Catwoman to make future female Super friends.

I hope that isn't a sign that we won't get any more gals in this line. I'm really glad the Imaginext line finally expanded to include a female character, and am very surprised it was Catwoman and not Wonder Woman or some other more cliche female superhero. I hope the line continues (although I don't see much marketing push for them, so I don't hold out much hope) and if the line stays Bat-centric, well so be it: bring on Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy etc etc, because daddy needs a new bunch of female superhero toys for his new baby girl!


  1. Wow congrats on the baby Bubba! I bet you and the mom are pretty excited. : )

  2. i thought you were having some unusual cravings (pickles, ice cream, Chocodiles)...huh! ;D
    I like that wheelie pose!

  3. Since it's official and all here's your official Congratulations on the new Baby Girl! Here's to many a dolly you will be buying ; )

    Like a chump I totally missed out on ordering one of these Catwomanfigs, maybe I will catch one next time or see one in stores.

  4. HOLY SMOKES! Congrats, Bubbshelby! It's funny how quickly life changes, eh? You'll definately be buying more "dollies" now. ;)

  5. Congrats on the baby!!!!!!

    Isaac and I cant wait to receive our Imaginext Catwoman.

  6. Congrats on the big news!!!

    Perhaps a Hawkgirl figure MIGHT be able to have clawed hands.....

  7. My DM uses Imaginex figs instead of miniatures, and we cannot find a female for the wife's assassin. I may have to search the old eBay...

  8. wow i didn't know this existed! i'm totally hitting up a few stores on my home this evening

  9. got her at Target! I'm having trouble moving her head.. it looks like it should swivel but it feels like i'm going to twist the plastic neck right off.. does yours move easily?

  10. Glad you found her so easily MolarLion! Yes, mine's head turns just fine, but i have noticed with this line that some figures' heads turn nicely and some act as if they are cemented in place. I'd suggest you don't force it and just accept her as she is ;)