Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's hoping your Valentine's Day and your significant other is as awesome as mine - because mine gave me these guys!

I discovered the existence of (and immediately posted about) these new Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Hawkman and Flash figures only ten days ago, and somehow my girlfriend was able to track them down and gave them to me yesterday - single-handedly enamoring me to her even more while also setting the bar rather high when it comes to my future toy needs ;)

I mean, I was actively looking for these guys and couldn't find them. ME! I'm the master! The guru! The pro! And I was TOTALLY out-toy-huntered on this one!

WOW, whatta woman!

I love Flash's smirk. Flash also has twisting wrists, which is a first for these Imaginext superheroes, at least on all the ones I have seen so far.

And Hawkman is looking as tough as ever. Tough AND cute! Hawkman also comes with a pretty brutal little medieval weapon. Keen.

Batman welcomes the Justice Little League's newest recruits!

Toyriffic wishes all you Toyruffians out there good luck in love, or at least good luck in finding the toys you need this Valentine's Day!

And if neither of those go your way just remember, there will be a TON of cheap chocolate on sale tomorrow.


  1. Aaaahhh! Those are awesome! You got 'em! I love those!

  2. You better hold on this gal Bubba she is a keeper.

  3. WOW!
    We've been trying to find these here in Canada but no such luck. There is also a Killer Croc Imaginext figure.