Les Schtroumpfs Noirs at leToys R leUs

I was at Toys R Us yesterday and spotted their 'Decades' display - box sets of themed Smurfs throughout the decades since their first appearance on the toy shelves worldwide.

Much to my surprise, their sixties decade set includes the totally non-PC and totally cool black Smurf! WHOAH!

Unfortunately they were all out of this specific set, so I may have to order it online at ToysRus.com.

I've always wanted one of those black Smurfs, now I just might have the chance! GNAP!


  1. I saw these the other day too Bubba and i thought they were pretty cool.

  2. I am surprised too in see Black Smurf ! I recently received my Smurf Decade boxes. Amazing figures ! :D


    Hey, pal did you see these Brazilian Happy Meal set? - I never see in your country, I belive it´s new for you:


    Congrats for the blog!

  3. I bought my set in www.mushroomvillage.com but do not know if they still have availability.

  4. I kinda want a black Smurf XD Doubt HE'S gonna be in the movie ;p