Do the Bartman!

Holy sweet mother of God if this isn't the greatest thing ever since ever than you haven't been paying attention to life:

If there was ever a time to have a cow, man, it'd be after gazing upon this beauty!

Santa Cruz Skateboards (aw yeah locals!) have teamed up with Matt Groening or 20th Century Fox or their lawyers or whomever is in charge of this sort of thing to bring us the 'Bart Model' skateboard (along with a few other keen Simpsons themed boards!)

Recreating the iconing skateboard Bart Simpson rides at the beginning of every episode of, well, The Simpsons, the Bart Model comes complete with nineties neon colors...

...and Simpsonized decals including one of the iconic Santa Cruz Skateboards Screaming Hand. how freaking insanely cool is that?

I've honestly been wanting a cruzer skateboard for some time now, even though I haven't ridden a skateboard since I was in elementary school. This may be the board that finally gets me into the ER!

And why not? My life is a freaking cartoon as it is. Might as well try some tricks I learned while watching them. Want to join me? The Bart model (as well as other Simpsons themed skateboards) can be purchased at NHSFunFactory.com and may be available at fine skate shops near you.

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  1. That is very cool Bubba but no skate boarding for me am getting to old and i know i will break something lol.