Your Friendly Neighborhood Playskool Heroes

Holy heroic confusion, Batman, could this really be? Has Spider-Man joined the ranks of the junior JLA?

Well, sort of. You see, Hasbro/Playskool, not to be outdone by Mattel/Fisher-Price, has itself just released kid friendly action figures/playsets ala Imaginext's DC Super Friends line.

Sporting the same type of articulation as the later Imaginext releases (in other words: shoulders, head, hips and wrists,) the first run of these guys (according to the back of the box) includes two-pack figure sets with the likes of Captain America and Wolverine, Hulk and Thor, Iron-Man and Dr. Doom, and the set I picked up; Spider-Man and...

Green Goblin!

Green Goblin has a non removable pumpkin bomb in his hand, and comes with a glider that he can ride - held on by the peg on the glider and the hole on his foot.

'Outta the way, runt. This gliding greenbean is mine!'

'Take your time, Birdman. I prefer to tussle with (Cat) women anyways.'

Almost exactly like the Imaginext superheroes, the Marvel Playskool Heroes figures are a little smaller and 'slighter,' if you will, when played with...I mean compared against...the DC Super Friends Imaginext figures. Which actually works perfectly for a character like Spider-Man who is himself a teenager, and will probably work well with Wolverine too, who is supposed to be short. These guys were at Toys R Us in the preschool toy aisle next to the Imaginext stuff. They are $6.49 for a two pack at my TRU, not a bad deal for two figures, but you know as time goes by Spidey and Iron-Man are going to be packed in with everybody and you'll probably eventually have ten of each! Regardless, I REALLY wanted Captain America and Wolverine, but for some reason that was the only set shown on the box that they didn't have on the shelf.

There are also a couple vehicles which come with different versions of their respective characters - the Iron-Man that came with a car was quite different than the one from the two-pack, while the Spidey that came with a Spider-copter only differed slightly (the spider-symbol may have been the only difference in fact.) At least they are giving us adult collectors...I mean 'kids'...yeah, kids...something unique right out of the gate. That's cool.

On the package it also says to check out www.playskoolheroes.com, but as of this posting there is nothing there but an announcement page.

Oh and one more thing: Playskool / Hasbro - if you are listening...the times they are a'changin' - don't wait until this toyline has been out for years before you give kids a female in the line. Bring them early and bring them often. I promise you won't regret it!


  1. I saw the pic you put on Facebook first and assumed it was a Superhero Squad figure. These are all kind of awesome. My boy dragged all of his Imaginext stuff out just yesterday for an EPIC play session.

    His birthday is tomorrow...looks like a TRU run is in order...

  2. I have not seen these at my TRU yet but i will be stopping in there this weekend so i shall go and see if we got them in yet.

  3. Yeah these are on my radar as well, but more importantly they are also going to produce these in the Star Wars line! Jedi Force and they have a Stormtrooper!

  4. I saw those Star Wars dudes on Hasbro's website CB - yeah, a few of them are going to be hard to pass up for sure!

    (Irony or fate - the word verification for this reply is 'vises')

  5. ...and my boy will be getting Thor, Hulk, Iron Man and Doctor Doom tomorrow.

    I held off on Spidey and did not see the Wolvie/Cap pack...

  6. That is AWZESOME Mock! You have got to post pics once they are all together!

    Also, the lack of Wolvie/Cap at your TRU suggests this first release did not have them packed in.

  7. The fact that they include Rhino or Silver Surfer over Black Widow, Storm, Wasp, or She-Hulk makes me very sad. Even when I was a kid, there was at least one female character in almost every action figure set. Do they think boys are that disgusted by women?

    Heck the DC Imaginext line has four women so far!