Flea Market Finds

I've got a big backlog of toys and things I need to blog about, and I just keep on getting myself further behind! I've received some stuff in the mail that I need to give shout outs to and about, but I keep getting distracted by new Flea Market acquisitions. Damn this California year-round flea market weather!

So I figure I best just bunch today's...bunch...together in one post (and maybe focus a little closer on individuals later.)

Leatherhead and Midshipman Mike from TMNT, along with four mini-figures from various TMNT toys as well. Midshipman Mike is almost a Popeye Turtle, so I had to have him! The bulldog(s) (Biting Bulldog Buddy) went with Raph, the Green Teen Beret. The machine gun wielding seagull (Sewer Sea Gull) goes with Midshipman Mike, and the green monster is named Joe Eyeball and belongs to Muckman. The TMNT lot set me back three bucks.

On the OG Star Wars front, I found a Jawa and a Tusken Raider for three bucks each. I am not really focusing my collecting habits on Star Wars at the moment, yet I can't pass certain ones up when I see them, especially the Jawa whom I had as a kid and have always wished to re-attain. I never owned an original Sand Person but did want one as a kid, so here he finally is after 30 plus years.

Finally, Mirror Master from JLU. I actually found this guy at a baby store that sells used baby stuff today after we left the flea market. Baby clothes shopping isn't so boring after all! I simply couldn't pass up a cheap JLU figure, I think he was a buck.

So that's how I spent half a Saturday and ten bucks. Not a bad day at all!