Thunder Thunder Thundercats...Maybeeeeeeeee!!!

I have yet to see a single episode of the new Thundercats cartoon. The original cartoon is one I thoroughly enjoyed, but the toyline was one I passed over with little regret, getting 'too old' for such figures (Ha! little did I know!)

However, the new toyline for the new cartoon, made by the toymaker Bandai, has really caught my eye. Nearby stores seem to have pretty good stock, and the line includes a wide variety of characters right out the gate (are you listening, Mattel?!?!)

In particular, WileyKit and WileyKat have caught my eye because they are super cute and have keen skateboards:

And then there's the 4.5" scale Deluxe 'Grune the Warrior:'

I know nothing about this guy's character, but he just looks so damn awesome!

I haven't nabbed any of these guys yet but have been very tempted; I haven't actually seen Grune in person, and last time I hit Toys R Us they had miraculously sold out of 'Kit and 'Kat, so I again went away empty handed. But I do not know how long I can resist - especially if I end up catching a glimpse of the cartoon and actually enjoy it!


  1. Grune is awesome! He was a favorite of mine from the original show and friend Jaga who later turned on him. On the new show he is linked to Panthro and like with the original character did turned on him and sided with Mumm-Ra. I have only seen his figure a few times in stores i think either he is short packed or popular.

  2. i saw the 8" & 6" Thundercats stuff the other day at TRU and it was expensive!

    ...word verify said "readybub" ha ha- guess you are READY to get some Thundercats stuff :D

  3. Bandai promise they will try doing these figures to Scale. I have to say these look promising. Btw there is a facebook page just for Thundercats Toys.