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Oh man was this toy a piece of crap. C.I.R.E.S. from The Fantastic World of the Inter-Changeables!

*Pictures borrowed from eBay.

These pics are of a toy I once owned and was truly disappointed in. Yup, you read that right, I hated a toy! Hard to believe, I know - but this piece of junk was a real stinker!

The packaging promised all sorts of adventures, but the only adventure was trying to get this guy to stay together in robot mode.

Even at ten years old I could tell the plastic was of a super cheap quality and the toy was not going to stand up to even the lightest of play. Yes, it looked cool, with robots for arms whose heads could be swapped out with missile launchers, but beauty is only skin deep.

The packaging also promised pilots, but no pilots were in the package (what was I supposed to do, read the fine print? I was TEN!)

C.I.R.E.S. stands for 'Cosmic Integral Robot Exchange System' which means what now? He's a space aged currency converter? Who knows. Who cares?

I think  C.I.R.E.S. should stand for Crappy Idiotic Robot Eric Shouldn'thavebought.

Collect them all? Not after buying this cheap hunk of plastic! That's the last time I try to be frugal with my allowance money. Back to the Transformer aisle for me!

Heres a final look at the instructions, which you will need because this robot will fall apart again and again. You know the worst part? this dumb chunk of cheap plastic rot is selling for a ton of money on eBay! Bad enough I spent about ten bucks over twenty five years ago and feel ripped off, if you spend over a hundred on this nowadays you are just a fool.


  1. Looks like someone was selling Micronaut Knock Offs out the back door of the factory, on the back of the package I had several of the Official versions of those toys and they were well built and full of awesome.

  2. Yeah these came out after the original Micronaughts line ended around 81 or 82 i think and were made from cheap brittle plastic vs the die cast and better plastics in the originals. The one you are showing here was originally a Giant Acroyear if am right.

  3. Yup - it's the Giant Acroyear.

    The ''pilots'' are actually the upper arms. They were originally called Armoids Sh and Ta.

    Here's the Microman toy:


  4. You can tell by the pictures iok linked to that the original was of far superior quality.

  5. Indeed it was Bubba but still these"knock-offs" go for some money like you said because the collectors want them.