Upcoming Lego Bat Cave!

Check out the upcoming Bat Cave from Lego, due to be released early 2012!

Apparently in this set you get an awesome Tim Drake Robin in a costume that was way too short lived in my opinion, and check out the RED BATPHONE! EPIC!

I am not sure if Bane and his big machine and/or Poison Ivy in that holding cell are included or are add-on sets.

Regardless, I need all these mini-figures! And that Batphone!

pic via fbtb on Flickr


  1. Freakin' awesome! Am going to save up for this one. : )

  2. Very nice! Ever since I sold off my Mr. Freeze set I've been wishing they'd come up with more Bat-stuff so I could replace it. We needs us more superhero Legos!

  3. Not really a Batman fan (or DC for that matter), but that looks really cool.