Thunder Thunder Thundercats Weeeeeeek!

I had no intentions of going to the flea market this morning, with last night's heavy rains and looming clouds overhead this A.M. But I went anyways, and it was worth it as I found a handful of original Thundercats toys. In addition to my Thundercats nouveau Wileykit and Wileykat sent to me recently by Soundwave810 of Confessions of a Plastic Junkie, I now have a nice little collection of Thundercats on hand.

So I decided to make this week THUNDERCATS WEEK! Keen, right?

Stay tuned, ToyRuffians, for a week full of these guys you see right here.


  1. Holy flea market haul Batman!

  2. I had a couple of those figures when I was a kid, but I didn't remember how good the detail was on them. Much better than most stuff from that period.