Thundercats Week :: Grune the Destroyer

Let's kick off Thundercats Week with the Thundercat figure/character I know the least about: Grune the Destroyer.

When Thundercats were new I watched the cartoon but did not pursue acquisition of any of the toys. Apparently I missed the episode with old Grune here, because he sparks zero awareness in my 'stuck at age ten' mind.

In fact, I know so 'nothing' about this guy that I have indeed seen him at the flea market in the past and have passed on him due to my total lack of knowledge of who he was.

I got him this time as part of the lot of old TC characters I picked up, even though he's a little rough and has no weapons. But lo and behold, I actually own one of his weapons already...a mace found along with this guy over a year ago. Now I just have to find his mace in my boxes of toys and accessories and reunite them!

Until then, Grune will have to just get by on looks alone.

I do know there's a swell new version of him out there in the new Bandai toyline, and I will probably seek him out someday.

Tune in tomorrow for another sweet Thundercats action figure!


  1. Grune is awesome! One of my favorites from the show.

  2. This guy is one of the coolest looking figures of the TC toy line.Very nice!

  3. Wow! The expression on his face looks like Panthro shoved his foot up his blasted samoflange. Gotta love Grune...