Thundercats Week :: Vultureman

 Vultureman was a Thundercats villain, because as we all know...birds are natural enemies of cats?

Whatever. He's a pretty ugly cuss, as Vultures are apt to be. When I found him at the flea market I was worried he may be missing his wings, as my memory of Vulutreman was thin at best. But no, he has no wings. Maybe he should be called Manvulture instead, then? I don't know. I found him sans weaponry, but he does have that shiv molded onto his lapel, so I suppose that's enough blade to handle a bunch of Mancats, right?

Tune in tomorrow as Thundercats Week continues!


  1. I love this Vultureman action figure!

    In the version of the Thundercats for Latin América, he is known as "Buitro" because "Vulture" in spanish is "Buitre".

  2. Ah yes, the vile Buitro! Haha it has a nice ring to it. Thanks Yelinna!

  3. The mutants were the best from this show/Toy Line.

  4. haha you know what...I think he is!