Hero Factory Batman

I received this Lego Hero Factory Batman for Christmas from the Mother-in-law. Because I like Batman!

I've never gotten into the Bionicle (now 'Hero Factory') scene, but since this is Batman I am more than willing to make the exception.

The build is simple and pretty fun, and of course all these bits are interchangeable, so assuming you have more Bion...I mean Hero Factory stuff around...you can easily add to your heart's delight.

The joints are tight and he's pretty agile, fun to mess around with on your desk at work or at home.

In fact, mine is at work because the wife said to me 'That's a 'work Batman', right?' I take it she was feeling overwhelmed by the Christmas clutter. Okay, I'll take him to work. My desk can always use another Batman!

Also, you know you're a true Batman fanatic when you have specific Batmen designated for work and for home.

I like to think of this guy as some sort of Batbot or Bat-mecha that Batman has built to help him defend Gotham City. Which means he looks great with a little Batman riding on his shoulder...

'Throw mud at me, willya! Come on, Batbot, let's go teach that Clayface a lesson!'


  1. I wasn't crazy about these Hero World toys but looking at then as "Robots" created by there heroic counterparts to aid them in there war on crime and injustice totally works and makes them more appealing. You just need a smaller version of the hero and it totally works!

  2. That's one big-ass knife.


  3. HAHAHA!
    the little Batman riding on his shoulder looks awesome! Reminds me of a couple of old Giant Robot type movies I watched as a kid.

  4. OH GOD!!! I GOTTA HAVE ONE OF THESE!!! Great post, Bubbashelby! I got a lot of Lego sets to look for.

  5. Cant wait to get our hands on all of the Lego Superheroes... Then the Lord of the Ring, new Star Wars and Dyno... I will need a second job to afford all these! Ahahahaha

  6. My son has the Ben 10 versions of these and absolutely LOVES this Batman one...looks like we will be hitting WalMart before we go back to school!!

  7. I haven't seen these before, but that Batman does look awesome. Wouldn't mind having one of those myself.