Fisher-Price has been putting out these cute 'Little People' DC Super Friends cars since last year. They have already released a Batman, Joker, Superman and Green Lantern version, and surprisingly even a Wonder Woman car (which I thought I had already blogged about but realize I haven't yet; so stay tuned!)

Anyways, I spotted this brand new Batgirl car the other day at Target and knew my daughter just had to have it, even though she's only a few months old.

She'll appreciate my efforts someday.

These little cars are sold separately for around five bucks. There are a few tracks and playsets that these cars run on, like a Bat Cave and others. But they are also awesome on their own.



  1. These are great, gonna have to check 'em out

  2. Awesome!! I've been looking for this since she first started showing up on ebay a few months ago. Batgirl and Blue-suited batman were latecomers to the lineup and I haven't been seeing them at any of my Targets. I love that between Little People, Polly Pocket, Funko POP, Cosbaby, and Blammoids, I have quite an interesting stylized batgirl collection going. Here's hoping for an Imaginext!