Catwoman Purrrsday :: TDKR Catwoman from DC Direct

A closer look at the Dark Knight Rises Catwoman as portrayed by Anne Hathaway has recently hit the internet via the 2012 London Toy Fair.

Shown are some upcoming DC Direct products, including a mini bust, a 6" scale action figure pre-production design (what looks to be a CGI body scan,) and a 12" scale statue.

You can see the 90s era Catwoman influence in those gloves and boots, as well as the obvious sixties influence of pretty much the rest of the costume. I really really like what I am seeing so far!

Pics via Idle Hands


  1. Hi. Please name your source. The name is on the pics.

    1. Oops, sorry 'bout the oversight - as you said, the pics state the source, so adding it to the text got past me!