Row Row Row Your Robeast

I spotted two Voltron villains at the flea market this past weekend and I simply could not pass on their ridiculousness!

I actually like the look of this guy - Robeast Scorpious - he looks very 1960s sci-fi. But what's with that whistle around his neck? Is this guy an intergalactic lifeguard? Baby blue skin and a yellow trimmed black speedo are not very threatening to the cosmos. Maybe to the swimming pool's locker room, but not the cosmos.

The second Robeast I found was Robeast Mutilor! Apparently this guy won a gold medal once and, like me if I ever won a gold medal for anything, proudly wears it everywhere he goes.

These guys were made by Panosh Place back in 1984. I never followed the toyline and cared little about the cartoon, but I immediately recognized these guys as Voltron toys when I spotted them this week (thus is the mind of a toy geek.)


  1. I used to have the blue one a while ago but passed it on to someone else that was looking for one.

  2. Holy Toledo! Look at those freaks! I've never seen them before (not a huge Voltron fan), but I don't blame you for grabbing them. They're just too crazy looking to pass up.

  3. those are frikn awesome! No way i'd pass on those!

  4. Clearly they're preparing for London 2012.

  5. Stellar finds. the Robeasts were my favorite thing about Voltron