Cutesy Invisible Jet!

Toyriffic Facebook fan David B. alerted me to this unbelievably awesome Wonder Woman Invisible Jet by Fisher-Price that he just found at his local Target.

Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet literally flew under my radar and this is the first I am hearing about this gem. Finally, an Invisible Jet toy! It is perfection!

The Little People DC Superfriends Wonder Woman Invisible Jet is available now at Fisher-Price.com and according to the Fisher-Price website, exclusively at Target. Although the Wonder Woman/Batgirl two pack started out as a Target exclusive and has since been seen at Toys R Us, so who knows what the future holds.

Regardless, I...I mean 'my daughter'...must have it!

Oh, and I'll again take this opportunity to remind the world how much we need Wonder Woman (and other girls) in the Imaginext toyline! An Imaginext Wonder Woman and her Invisible Jet would be legendary!


  1. Now this is seriously cool! Now is this the first invisible jet toy?

  2. I agree on all counts! That thing is cuter than a bug's ear