Poisunday Ivy :: DCUC Poison Ivy

I hate Mattel's subscription model for 'collectible' toylines and their quality control is far too shoddy for the price they ask for their toys, but they do employ some top notch sculptors and designers.

Case in point: Coming soon from Mattel's DCU Club Infinite Earths is this fine example of Poison Ivy.

I doubt I'll try to get her when she becomes available on MattyCollector.com, but I admit she does look good!

Pics courtesy ActionFigurePics.com


  1. wonderful looking figure and just hit up the secondary market to avoid buying direct from Matty.

  2. I'm planning to get Poison Ivy when she's released, if I can. Fingers crossed I don't get Mattel'd!

  3. I was actually dreading that this figure would be the green Jim Lee version, but actually I'm glad she is because it will be the best figure of her in this look. I've refused to get the DCDirect Hush version of her because it looked soooo bad, so it will be nice to have the Green Ivy represented in my collection.

  4. I would probably try to get her, if the final product looked just like that. But it won't. She'll probably end up looking like "Key-Lime Kriminal" with eyes that look as realistic as Queen Marlena.
    But you can't deny the four horsemen have talent out the whazoo.

    1. Haha sad but true. And yes, The Four Horsemen have amazing talent!

  5. I Agree, She is beautiful!!!
    :D :D :D

  6. Admit she needs open hands not fists. My only gripe with her. That and I may have to buy a certain Monster High doll just to get the plant that she really should come with.