Paranoia may Destro ya

I never got into GI Joe as a kid, but recently came into possession of the two main baddies from the series, Destro and Cobra Commander.

Was this Cobra Commander's first look? The sheet over his head? Or did this evolve from his mirror mask? I was never sure which came first.

I always saw Destro as the 'Boba Fett' of the GI Joe universe. Mysterious and masked and a badass who could and should be running the show. Sort of like Soundwave. Anyways, looking at this guy I have to wonder, is he wearing a tan undershirt or is he bare chested? Because if he's bare chested and wearing a metal gimp mask...well then I just don't know what to think about this guy any more.

Not much else to say about these guys except...yo Joe?


  1. Yup, Destro is bare-chested. For the laydeez...

    1. Haha yikes! I guess the seventies were still a pretty heavy design influence when Destro was created!

  2. Cobra Commander was first seen wearing his hood in the first few pages of G.I. Joe's first issue Marvel Comic.Towards the end of the comic he rocks the shielded battle helmet.I believe the first ever released C.C. was the mail-away shielded helmet version.

  3. Oh Wowwy nice! I wish I never cut to pieces that version of Cobra Commander. I miss him so so much. As for Destro, I acquired him by trading a garden pumpkin for him from my friend down the road. I liked him so much, I didn't want the chrome to get roughed up, so I never played with him, But he disappeared, and I miss him Soo much too.

  4. Destro is indeed bare chested and the hood was the Commander's first look then the mirror helmet.

  5. I do like the Mirror helmet better, but I think the hood was more of a "in the house, among friends and other evil dictators" kinda thing.

    Destro is supposed to be European, right? Apparently, in the 80s they were bare chested and used shinny masks all the time.