Got tough stains? Use Ultra Humanite! Now with Retsin!

One of my favorite action figures of all time is Ultra Humanite from the Justice League action figure toyline.

I just love the character design and character himself. Originally debuting as a proto Lex Luthor (bald mad scientist against Superman) in Action Comics #13, June 1939, Ultra Humanite was killed off in 1940 and didn't re-appear until years later as part of Earth 2 continuity.

Ultra Humanite has survived for many years by transferring his brain from his original body into various vessels over the decades, finally settling on an albino ape (because ALBINO APE!)

As odd a choice as he may seem, Ultra Humanite was one of the first villains to be released in action figure form for the Justice League cartoon. He was of course a welcome foil to the original seven and also of course quite hard to find (because MATTEL!)

In addition, he was released looking exactly like he did in the cartoon, not with day-glow pants or a scuba suit (like most toys from that era.) Ultra Humanite is also superior to most standard Justice League or JLU action figures in that 1) he's an oversized figure roughly in scale to his cartoon counterpart with the other Justice League action figures 2) his construction includes zero re-used parts and 3) he can stand upright on his own.

All of these factors were a big deal in the early 2000s when Ultra Humanite made his plastic debut.

Another factor in making this Ultra Humanite a favorite action figure of mine: I am not an articulationazi; in my opinion Ultra Humanite has just the right amount. Shoulders, elbows, legs, neck and even wrists!

I don't need an Ultra Humanite that can do the splits or suck his own toes and neither do you.

Sadly, although Ultra Humanite is an oversized figure he appears either undersized (or Gorilla Grodd is oversized) when placed next to the JLU Gorilla Grodd action figure. This fact is a wonder of science and nature because Mattel could have very easily re-used UH parts to make Grodd (because MATTEL!) yet they did not, opting instead to just make Gorilla Grodd a hard to find Target exclusive packed with a bunch of re-issues (because MATTEL!)

Finally, Ultra Humanite is awesome because he fits in with almost any toyline of this scale: He can be a Cobra experiment gone awry, he can hang with the big boys in the Mos Eisley Cantina, he can stomp Lego mini-figures until the Lego cows come home.

He is indeed Ultra.

Ultra Humanite originally came with a gun/hoversled accessory which wasn't half bad but is stored away somewhere else for now. But that's okay, Ultra Humanite needs nothing but his keen intellect to destroy the Justice League, the JSA, Superman, or even that chrome-domed pretender Lex Luthor!


  1. Fantastic looking figure and i loved how he was handled and voice on the JLU cartoon.

    1. Agreed, his characterization in the cartoon was so much fun!

  2. He was one of the better figures, but he could still use some improvement! http://www.pilliod.net/Pages/CustomsPage/Animated/ultrahumanite.htm Now he's tall enough!

    1. Nice work! I bet a neat custom could be made using Grodd's body as well.

  3. he is great! I dig that Grodd, too...!

  4. I'm getting a "Panthro with acromegaly" vibe.