Tiger the Kid

I picked up this Halloween two-pack of Playmobil children recently. I wanted it for this kid dressed as a Tiger because the tiger mask is pretty keen, and I figured he'd make a grrreat (haha get it?) superhero sidekick type character to go along with some of the other masked Playmobil I have.

He is currently handling Lara Croft's handguns and has been dubbed, for the time being, 'Tiger the Kid'

I love that his mask actually looks like a Playmobil tiger. It's not just a tiger mask,but a Playmobil tiger mask! He also has a cape - like any good tiger. Which adds to his superheroish aesthetic.

Here's Tiger the Kid in an epic sidekick battle against Dr. Mask's protege, Devil Boy (who came with Tiger the Kid in the Halloween two-pack.)

Another fun aspect of this guy is his scale. He's a tiny Playmobil person and is awful cute next to your standard sized Playmobil folk.

'Harley's daycare is open for bizzness!'


  1. that's a GREAT Playmobil figure! Those are some of the most fun figures out there :)

  2. That little tiger kid is so cool!
    I've had that Devil for 12 years, he must be an adult by now.

  3. Nice! And if i had him i would turn him some how into the wrestler Tiger Mask. : )