Harley Qwednesday :: AlmightyCrouton as Harley Quinn

What I love about Harley Quinn is that she's so versatile.

Well that, and she's cute and insane.

But mostly she's versatile.

Cosplayers especially have so many possibilities with her; both already imagined and yet to be created. Case in point: this sultry subject of the Queen Sarah aka Almightycrouton, who is equally lovely cosplaying Harley Quinn in her civilian state of Harleen Quinzel...

...as Harley Quinn unmasked...

...and as...French Maid Harley Quinn!

Wow, French Maid and Harley Quinn, two great tastes that taste great together!


Sarah had this to say regarding Harley and Cosplaying:

"I'm a huge fan of Harley in her traditional harlequin beauty :) 

I've met some truly amazing people through cosplaying her character and I'm sure many others will attest that the Harley Quinn community is strong and hugely supportive of each other. 

I'm 22 and have only been part of cosplay for two years, it was only the last convention I went to that I branched away from Harley and cosplayed a new character. 

Its a staple part of my life now, I have Dr Harleen Quinzel to thank :)"

Sarah makes a wonderful traditional Harley Quinn. The heels are a nice touch!

Check out a few more shots of Sarah as she hangs with Hercules...

...kicks it on the curb...
...shops at a pet feed store (presumably for Bud and Lou)...

...casts a spell on Zatanna...
...goes 'BANG' with an alternate universe doppelganger...

...lets Robin think he's going to actually land that punch, and finally...

WHOOPS! Hahaha...how'd that picture get in here?!?!?


Anyways, check out all these pics and more at AlmightyCrouton's DeviantArt page!


  1. Awesome. But then again she had me at "cute and insane."

    Might need to snag that Zee/Harley pic for my own needs!

  2. Great look. Harley is already a great character with a great look. Once you find someone with the spirit to make the character come alive it's something awesome to behold.

  3. Hercules is played by my friend Dave- he hosts a brilliant Nerd Quiz here in London!