Tiny Heroes and Villains

My oldest daughter and I picked up this bunch at the flea market last weekend.

My favorites are Gorilla Grodd and classic Iron Man (the shiny one back row center.) We also have Batman (with what I assume are Kryptonite gloves) an Iron Man with removable mask, Ice Man, an Iron Man movie Mark 1 (or 2? - same as first movie armor but in gold,) another movie Iron Man, the classic Iron Man armor again but this time in more subtle colors, movie Green Goblin and Dr. Doom!

We got the lot for five bucks - that's fifty cents each! Not too shabby!


  1. There's a lot in the proportions of these figures (at least some) that's similar to your drawing style...pretty sweet find!

  2. These are great! I spent years tracking down all the marvel and star wars characters and even a set of doctor who in this scale and now my son is tired of them :/

    1. How can anyone tire of such awesomeness?!?!

  3. Great deal Eric!Congrats on these and if you ever run across a Marvel Thing figure in this scale let me know. : )

  4. You always find the best stuff. Nice score. I really need to try hitting up some flea markets, but I have a felling I will come up empty handed.