Harley Qwednesday :: Hello Dollface!

Welcome to another Harley Qwednesday! YAY HARLEY!

Today we take a look at a Harley Quinn dolly. This is my daughter's Harley Quinn dolly. I swear!

Released during the Batman: Animated heyday (marked 1998,) this Harley Quinn doll is about the size of a regular Barbie and originally came with a couple plastic hyenas (which are around here somewhere.) My daughter isn't old enough to have gotten Harley new, I got this doll for her a couple years ago off eBay.

I also got her a Batgirl from the same Batman: Animated dolly line-up.

These are really great dollys - if you're into dollys that is. Well made, they look pretty accurate to their cartoon counterparts and they fit in well with other dollys their size; every little girl should have them in their collection!

Also, some old men. Like Reis, Brian A/Brian B and Chunky B, who are all really big dolly lovers and understand the joys of removing their toys' pants. Don't judge them!


  1. Um... thanks? Thanks for the mention...

  2. i love my dollys too :D
    those are cute, i'm glad you're sharing superhero-love with your daughter

  3. You're welcome CB ;)

    I was going to mention you too SDTB - I like to give these Mego/dolly collecting guys a hard time, but you're still new so you get a grace period before I start :D

    It's all in fun.

  4. These dollys that "belong to your daughter" are great toys. They were part of a larger set of Batman Animated 12" dollys that included Batman, Joker, Robin, and Nightwing. There was also a Superman and Supergirl that were sort of part of the set. Just wish they had more articulation.

    Interestingly enough, though, I don't think any of their pants come off. If I remember correctly, they are stitched into their clothing. So, if the pants are not removable, do these still qualify as dollys?

    Huh? Do they? Huh?


  5. I think you are right Brian. These aren't dollys. Therefore it is now safe for me to admit to owning my own Harley Quinn like the one in this post, only mine is still in her original box :D

  6. Um... yeah... I've got one too.

    "Hello, Everyone, my name is Brian and I'm a Dolly-aholic."

    "Hello, Brian!"

    "It all began in the early 1970s..."

    I picked up the Batman, Robin, and Joker and then felt the need to complete the set. So, Batgirl and Harley joined the group soon after.

    You know, Bubba, I think these are definitely dollys and I don't think many would argue against these being dollys. So, I'm thinkin' your definition of "dolly" is breaking down somewhere here. This has been an unforeseen development in the classification of figures and dollys.

  7. My whole world is collapsing around me, Brian, now that my definition of 'dolly' has been proven fallible.

    Hold me.

  8. It's gonna be okay. Just hold on.

    Maybe we just need a parenthesis in the definition that reads: "... or pants that could possibly be removed with scissors."

    See? All better.

  9. Thank you Brian. The shakes have subsided and the cold sweat is dissipating.

  10. I'm glad your world makes sense, again.