Yard Sailin'

A light weekend, we didn't go to the flea market, just caught a couple local yard and garage sales. The wife and baby made out the best, but I found a couple treasures:

I found a lone JLU figure at one yard sale around the corner. The Justice Lords version of Hawkgirl. One can never have too many versions of JLU Hawkgirl!

At another yard sale I found this Marvel Essentials Amazing Spider-Man volume 1. I am excited to read these first Ditko/Lee Spider-Man adventures!

Not much, but not bad for seventy five cents total!


  1. Hey not bad at all Eric i love Steve Ditko stuff as much as i do Kack Kirby's.

  2. You did GOOD! That Marvel Essentials Spider-Man should keep you entertained for awhile! I just saw that Justice Lords stuff on YouTube only a month ago- great stuff!