Matchbox Batmobile

Hotwheels have been pushing Batmobiles for a handful of years now - both iconic pop culture versions as well as their own designs. And although Matchbox and Hotwheels are both owned by Mattel, there has yet to be an actual Matchbox Batmobile...until now!

This Batmobile shares the same design as the one current Mattel Batman action figures can ride in (only smaller, of course.) I imagine it was made in the Matchbox line instead of the Hotwheels line because the new Batman line is aimed squarely at kids (yet collectors love it too) and Matchbox are marketed to a younger crowd than Hotwheels (yet collectors love them too.)

Whatever the reason, it is ALWAYS good to get a new 1:64 die-cast Batmobile no matter what banner it flies under...and no matter how goofy the vehicle actually looks!

While this isn't my favorite Batmobile design by a long shot, it is a welcome addition to my collection; and as someone who has dabbled in die-cast Batmobile collecting over the years, it is great fun to have an honest to goodness Matchbox Batmobile in the 1:64 ranks. Here are a few more I've posted about over the years:

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  1. It's cool to see an original design for once.