How we roll

I spent this past weekend visiting family, and at my nephew's request I brought my orange track along so we could "Race for Pinks." Here's how it goes down: everyone in the family gets a few Hot Wheels, we set up a bracket, and we have elimination rounds up to a final showdown. We flip a coin for lane choice, do a blind pull for bracket placement, the whole nine yards. And of course, since we're racing for pinks, the loser loses their car to the winner.

Yup, that's how three generations of my family has fun when they get together. And people wonder why I'm obsessed with toys.

Anyways, this post isn't about that (I need to bring a camera next time we race for pinks and actually make a post about it someday,) but it is related. See, if you are going to race for pinks, you need fresh wheels. So my dad, my nephew and myself jumped in the car and headed to K-Mart.

That's where I finally found this beauty!

The Brave and the Bold animated Batmobile by Hot Wheels! #42 of 44 2010 New Models.

Even the card is gorgeous. Let's gander at that Batmobile illustration a little longer, shall we?


Even the vehicle stats are character accurate. "Designer: Batman." I love it.

The car is a great Batmobile design. I love the Brave and the Bold cartoon, and this Hot Wheels version of Batman's ride does not disappoint.

The design of this Batmobile feels like the original Batmobile melded with the '89 movie version. Two great tastes that taste great together. I especially love the Bat face up front.

I would have preferred some cooler wheels, but I can't complain. Considering this cartoon only has one more season left in it (totaling a measly three seasons,) we're some lucky Bat-fans to be getting this vehicle in Hot Wheel form.

Oh, and about the race. Everyone who wanted one was able to get a Batmobile from K-Mart, (we lucked out big time and found four!) and none of us were willing to race it out of our collections, so it sat out during the race for pinks. But once the serious racing was over, we did get it on the track and it performed admirably.

Batman would be proud.


  1. Sounds like a awesome time and am stopping a K-Mart tomorrow dang it lol.

  2. Great find and even cooler family fun.

  3. Sound like lots of fun. You should share some photo of the actions. Nice bat ride there. :D

  4. Awesome, I can't wait to find one of these... and four just right there, how lucky is that?

  5. bubba, please get 1 for me pretty pleaseeee!!! I know I will not ever see it here on the peg in Malaysia... I'll have u something else in return, pretty pleaseee...

  6. You got it Saruman - I will be buying up all I can find of this one!

  7. This is a great car, isn't it? I finally found one this past week, too.

    I'm surprised there don't seem to be plans for a 1/50 scale version.