Ultimate MUSCLE

I recently bought a box of toys from Brian at Cool and Collected, and one batch of items were these 'Ultimate MUSCLE' figurines from 2002.

I don't recall the MUSCLE resurgence of the early 2000s, but it was most likely short lived here in the US. Maybe it was ill timed, nostalgia-wise, because these little figures do what the original MUSCLE figures delivered while adding to the fun with a few additional adjustments.

Let's take a look, shall we?

Here is a comparison shot between the flesh colored Ultimate MUSCLE and the original eighties flesh colored MUSCLES. Not too different, a little shorter and made of a harder plastic, but they fit right in for both character and design.

One neat update for the new line was the inclusion of a few fully painted figures.I think this guy is 'Kinnikuman.' EDIT: Thanks to Soundwave810's comment, we now know this is in fact Kinnikuman's son, Mantaro aka Kid Muscle.

The fully painted figures are pretty neat and make me wish the original line had included some fully painted figures!

Also part of the new line are different colors besides 'flesh,' like this red fellow here. The original MUSCLE line started releasing the figures in colors shortly after their initial pink release, but I never liked any of those. I was a MUSCLE purist back then.

I don't know enough about MUSCLE lore to tell you who this guy is but he has appeared many times in the original line. EDIT: Again, thanks to Soundwave810's MUSCLE knowledge, it has been revealed that this is Kevin Mask, son of the original MUSCLE Robin Mask.

This guy reminds me of Wolverine. The hair and the 'x' on his chest do it.

This guy has a bowl of what I assume is rice on his head. I can't even begin to imagine why. EDIT: He's Curryman, who according to iok, apparently also had a stint with TNA?!?! See comments below!

Here's a painted silver figure. They went all out on this line!

This Joe Piscopo looking chap is another colored plastic figure, this time in yellow. EDIT: Soundwave810 tells us this is Terry the Kid, son of original MUSCLE Terryman!

Last but not least comes my favorite update to the MUSCLE toyline, intertwined wrestlers! BRILLIANT! This takes MUSCLE to the next level. Had I known this type of thing was being sold in 2002 I would have surely bought a whole bunch.

Here's another pair:

These guys are ridiculous and fun! They can be taken apart too!

I knew nothing of Ultimate MUSCLE until I obtained this pile, now I want to track down more, especially of the wrestling pairs!


  1. Nice haul!
    Couple of FYIs:

    Ultimate MUSCLE in Japan is known as 2nd Generation so a few characters are the children of wrestlers from the original series. So characters like the guy you labeled as Kinnikuman is his son Mantaro or Kid Muscle (in the US dub of the anime), or the guy you said appeared in the orginal series is actually his son Kevin Mask. His dad in the original is Robin Mask.

    The guy with bowl on his head is Curryman

    The Joe Piscopo looking guy is also son to another wrestler from the original series, Terryman. His name is Terry the Kid.

    That's about all I remember off the top of my head.

  2. Curry Man was - for a spell - actually wrestling as part of TNA's roster.


  3. I just saw some original MUSCLES today but pass on them because the seller wanted too much for them i felt.