Donkey Kong K'Nex Blind Bagged Minifigure

K'Nex dove into the minifigure pie recently by releasing some of their Mario Kart build set figures first in bags that identified the figure inside (making short-packed King Koopa harder to find for most because he was so easy to find for store employees, scalpers and the random lucky toy collector who got there first.)

For the second wave, K'Nex has blind-bagged the figures, forcing those of us in the know to employ the squeeze method. There may be a code on these somewhere too, but I find the squeeze method to be sufficient and don't feel the need to carry around a decoder sheet in my pocket everywhere I go.

Donkey Kong here is new to wave 2, as is Toad and Diddy Kong; wave 2 also includes all the wave 1 releases in case you missed out the first time on Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and King Koopa.

Like King Koopa (or 'Bowser' if you prefer,) Donkey Kong was a must have for an old-school gamer like myself. And I admit, now that I have his nemesees...nemesisis...nemsies...these two, I want a K-Nex Mario as well.

I don't know how many Donkey Kongs are released per box (I had heard King Koopa was two per box for wave 1, and DK is similarly large but not nearly as detailed/complex,) but somehow upon discovering these at K-Mart he was in both the first and second pack I squeezed! So maybe he's more plentiful, or I was just lucky. Hint: his mouth is football shaped and from there you can feel the 'tuft' of hair on the top of his head to confirm. He's also wider than most in this wave, so feel for that.

As you can see, I have recently employed an intern to help me complete my toy reviews.Thank God for Craigslist!

Although I don't think Donkey Kong appreciates the assist, and she spills my coffee every time! But what do you expect for free, right?

*NOTE: this post was made with extreme parental guidance and oversight. This toy does present a choking hazard and should not be left with a young child unsupervised. Also, this baby doesn't actually make me coffee. Yet.


  1. Good old DK and did you know that this version of Donkey Kong is actually Donkey Kong Jr. from the old video game? The original one became Cranky Kong in the Donkey Kong Country games.

    1. I did not know that! Thanks for the DK history lesson :)