Sha-Na-Naur Princess is in Another Castle

OK let's get one thing straight right off the bat:

This is Bowzer:

This is King Koopa:

Now that that is settled...

I'm now one of the lucky toy bloggers to have found the elusive King Koopa K'Nex bagged mini-figure!

King Koopa is shortpacked and very hard to find; he's not blind bagged (his pic is on the pack) so as soon as the one or two per shipment hit the shelf he's gone.

I was lucky to find one today - I would have bought more but one was all I saw - so if there were more and some other collector was nicer than me and left this guy behind, I say 'thank you!'

With the derth of Marios and Luigis and Yoshis in this release, you either get a King Koopa right away or wade through the same three goody two-shoes time and time again because really, do they NEED to order more? No, the shelves are spillin' over with Marios!

Looks like it isn't just me who made a long sought-after find today:



  1. Am so glad you finally found one Bubba these guys are extremely tough to find. I have one myself but keep my eyes out for more to pass along to my fellow toy collectors.

  2. Bowser is one of my favorite villains. But my favorite koopa is Bowser Jr (He is soooo cute!!)
    Wait, if Bowser's dad is a turtle-like creature, his mom would be a Dragon-like thingy!!

    1. Hmm interesting theory. Sadly Bowser's Mom left him on a doorstep so he doesn't know who his mother is. Maybe his dad can enlighten him?

  3. i found a koopa in torn bag at the goodwill in flagstaff az,,, nicely made,,, what is the value

    1. I don't know the value, probably not much as he has been re-eleased a few times now.