Vicious (Bat)cycle

I went out today searching for the Hotwheels 'dollar' version of 'The Bat' hitting pegs all over the world except in my town now, and although I did not succeed this trip I did finally score the Hotwheels Batcycle that has already been out for a few months!

The packaging of mine is different than the one I originally posted about way back in March, but the batcycle is the same and since I tore this bad boy open right away, that's really all that matters!

Upon opening it I was surprised at how much metal is in this thing. The whole bike (sans front cowl) as well as almost all of Batman (sans head, cape and arms.) It feels very solid and rolls nicely, maintaining balance with a little help from that wedge that also serves as a decent kickstand to keep the bike from tipping while on display.

The other bikes in the set are pretty fun looking, especially that Tron 2.0 wanna-be 'Light Rider.'

The packaging designates these as 1:64 scale, but that's true only in that these were designed for use on standard Hotwheels 'orange track.' They are actually quite a bit larger than standard 'dollar' Hotwheels, falling roughly somewhere between 1:24 and 1:43 scale.

I only found one Batcycle in among a bunch of newly shelved bikes, so they may be one per shipment, or maybe they ran out of room, or someone left one behind. Who knows, but having never seen this in stores before now I think the Batcycle may be the hard-to-find one of the set.

At my Toys R Us they are going for $3.99. Worth it.

See ya' later...but before you go, check out some other sweet small scale Batcycles in my collection!


  1. Nice Eric! I have not seen this one yet.

  2. Was looking for that in my last jaunt in Texas only to come up empty handed...

  3. I really need to find this. I want it, I want it I want it!

  4. It reminds me of the old Corgi Batcycle, but better.