Bat bikes bat bikes bat bikes!

I just picked up the Hotwheels Bat-Pod yesterday. Woohoo - what a groovy little bike! It is a great little representation of the upcoming Bat-Pod (at least from what little I've seen so far.)

The two pack set comes with an older Hot Wheels casting of an armored truck, painted up with a Joker theme. Cool, but not nearly as cool as the never-before-released Bat-Pod!

It's technically part of Hotwheels' standard 1:64 scale series, but looks to be closer to a true 1:50 scale. When I get the upcoming 1:50 Tumbler we'll see how they look next to each other, but I hope they are pretty close to the same scale.

I add the Bat-Pod to my humble die-cast Batcycle collection. Here's my Corgi Bat Bike, dated 1978:

Next up is a Hot Wheel designed Bat Bike put out in conjunction with Batman Begins. The bike is clearly based on the Dodge Tomahawk. There were two versions of the Batman figurine that this bike came with, one of him standing and this one with him riding the bike:

Finally, this animated Bat bike first came out during the animated series heyday in the nineties. The second release came with a Batgirl figure, which is pretty cool! From Hasbro, dated 1997 (although the Batgirl version came out a couple years after that if I remember correctly.)

Everyone dug the Bat-Pod. They all wanted to take it out for a little spin:

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