Don't call it a Batwing

Thanks to Brian of Cool and Collected, I finally have my hands on The Bat!

Brian graciously gave me this 2012 Hot Wheels New Models #27 of 50 since he isn't a Hot Wheel collector and I am ;) (Yes, he found himself one too!)

I have to admit, The Bat is an odd one. An ugly vehicle by any standard, it flies (pun intended) in the face of Hot Wheel conventionality by...not having any wheels at all. In fact, as I sit here I cannot think of another Hot Wheel that has been released completely sans wheels. Even Hot Wheels airplanes have a couple wheels!


It is, at least, die-cast (the top part, anyways.)

This thing reminds me of a rolly-polly.

Wheel-less and ugly-as-sin or not, The Bat is a must have for me and most Batman fans (and Hot Wheels fans too!)

 A Bat vehicle is a Bat vehicle no matter how you slice it!

From the cardback:

Born: 2012
Birthplace: Gotham City
Designer: Wayne Industries
Specialty: The first flying vehicle in the Dark Knight's crime-fighting arsenal, THE BAT features twin mounted cannons. It's maneuverability allows BATMAN to engage in low-altitude pursuits amid the skyscrapers of downtown GOTHAM CITY.


  1. Ha! That bottom view looks like a turtle with six-shooters. I'm so glad I don't collect those things. ;)

    (I actually picked up a Fangula today because, well... it has fangs--and BOGO!)

    1. Haha it does, doesn't it. Of all the animals plants and insects in the world, a bat is pretty much the last one it looks like!

      Sounds like your non-collection of Hot Wheels is really coming along!

  2. Sweet! I am glad you and Brian were able to get one. I haven't seen these anywhere.

    1. Yeah, it still hasn't reared it's ugly head in my neck of the woods either!

  3. Replies
    1. That's why you read Toyriffic! For the up-to-the-minute toy news, and scantily clad cosplayers haha!