I Am (tiny) BANE!

"I am CUUUTE!"

Everyone remembers Bane breaking Batman's back, but do you remember when he busted both of Killer Croc's arms? I think that was the same time Robin had to escape by jumping into the sewer outflow, much like Commissioner Gordon did in TDKR.

"I will break...sniff snif...wind?!?! Ewww Batfarts!"

Imaginext Bane is currently available as part of a Gotham City Jail playset and a Paddy Wagon playset.

I don't really care too much about (or have the room for, or want to spend my toy budget on) the larger Imaginext playsets or vehicles, but I had to have Bane. So I went ahead and bought him off one of those eBay sellers in Hong Kong that sell (presumably) factory-seconds for super cheap. I found an auction for Bane, Joker and a pilot Batman for $4.99 with free shipping. I figured I could stand to gamble with five bucks (I've always wondered about those sellers anyways but never really trusted the whole situation,) and figured this was a good experiment to see what I ended up with.

First off, Bane is a great figure. Although he's nothing more than a standard Imaginext figure with painted-on details, those details really make the toy pop. He even has the Venom-to-brain mechanism on the back of his head!

Bane's Jail Playset release is supposed to have glow-in-the-dark (or glow under a black-light) veins, and here is where my figure falls into the 'Factory-Second' category. You can see slight yellow veins over his body but the 'paint' appears not to have been properly applied. They don't glow and I don't have a black-light to test them but I assume they wouldn't show well under it anyways.

And that's fine, the faint veins are kind of cool actually, and the figure is otherwise solid (I've seen worse QC on figures on the shelves.) Joker and pilot Batman were fine too, so my five dollar investment was well worth it.

I should also add that the shipping from Hong Kong was surprisingly fast. I think they may have employed a sky-hook.

Now that I have Bane, I think I'll dub this helmeted Batman that I've had for a while Azrael-Batman (aka AzBats!) The nineties never looked so cute!


  1. I was wondering how long it was going to take you to get one of these. : )

  2. We need that Bane!
    Sadly Imaginext Killer Croc is nowhere to be found anymore...

    1. killer Croc did seem to have a shorter shelf life than most of these guys, and only one release (so far.) Hopefully he turns up again someday!