Playmobil Fi?ures Series 3 Aeon Flux

My local educational store finally got in their first shipment of Playmobil's blind bagged Fi?ures series 3, and even though they were pretty picked over by the time I got to them, I was able to squeeze my way to Aeon Flux!

There's no mistaking the fact that Playmobil based this unnamed Fi?ure after Charlize Theron's appearance in the 2005 film Aeon Flux. The hair, the chest window, the gun, it's all there.

I have never seen the Aeon Flux movie, so I don't know if she also runs around with an orange stick, but I do know Charlize's Aeon has a gun holster between her shoulder blades and the gun does fit into this 'holster' just fine:

Once again Playmobil hits one out of the park with an extraordinary and absolutely unexpected nod to popular culture.

Lara Croft, meet Aeon Flux. Now go kick some butt, ladies!

I only picked up Aeon this time around, in keeping with my self imposed 'masked characters and/or girls who kick ass' Playmobil collecting restrictions.

No one was ever able to decipher a code break for these blind bagged Fi?ures in past series, but here's Aeon Flux's 'code' just in case:

187 12 0506
5244 01


  1. That's awesome! Def a spot on recreation whether they intended it or not.

  2. Someone at Playmobil likes Aeon Flux, apparently!

  3. awesome, would've no idea if it was her if not for this blog, thanks for the review!!!I'm so getting this one.

  4. Hi Eric! I was the Anonymous who gave you the clue with Charlize last September
    I just discovered you mad two articles on it, that's amazing!
    I don't know too what could be the orange stick, that's not in the movie. I just thanks for this, very usefull clue for finding the figure with the 'squeeze method' ;-)
    In my first comment I told about Berlin. The location for this movie and since 2005 Berliners are proud about it. SF movie in Berlin + Playmobil from Germany = Unnamed Playmobil Figure!

    1. Thanks again 'anonymous' for the information about Aeon Flux - she is now one of my favorite Playmobils and has a prominent position at my desk! Good luck finding her!

  5. That's not correct, the figure is from 1997 :)