Heavy Metalhead Noise

I didn't know anything about Metalhead before I got this action figure, just that he's a robot ninja turtle and that's pretty slick.

Turns out he started as an evil construct built by Krang, and was later 'fixed' for the side of good by Donatello. Ooh, an evil robot ninja turtle...even cooler!

I received this guy sans accessories- well, he had his backpack but it had a broken strap so I tossed it out. But it turns out you can pop off Metalhead's forearms and pop in his robo-nunchucks ala Trap-Jaw, Pretty cool, I may need to find his accessories someday so I can do so!

Until then I'm just content having a robot ninja turtle because who wouldn't be?


  1. Oh! My younger brother had this one.
    Wow, Isaac and I need to find it.

  2. He is great, I don't know why I waited so long to get him in my collection!