Harleyween Quinndown 2012 Part 1

I have something special for you kiddos all through October: I've not only combined Harley Qwednesday with Countdown to Halloween 2012, but I've also got the exclusive 'making of' pics for Miss Kiss' newest variation on her Harley Quinn pin-up costume - leading up to the full finished costume reveal on Halloween itself (or should I say 'Harleyween!?!?)

Miss Kiss was kind enough to share with me pictures of her new costume in progress, and I will share them on Toyriffic every Qwednesday this month, culminating in the finished product on October 31st.

So without further ado, here are your first three pics and notes from Miss Kiss herself:

 "I started with a little inspiration and then got to work on a sketch."

"Just me pinning the diamonds onto the stockings. I pinned and sewed the diamonds on first to make things easier!!!"

"Sewing on the diamonds. Tricky with stretch fabric!!"

That's all for today! Tune in next week, you might see some leg!

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