I'm Batty and I know it :: Countdown to Halloween 2012

Oh yeah, I just HAD to have this one!

The most important addition to my Halloween collection (Thanks to Shawn of Branded in the 80s!) is the Batmobile from Hot Wheels' Kroger exclusive Halloween 2012 collection (number 3 of 5.)

The card art is cute and a little silly. A haunted gas station. Fill 'er up...with FEAR!

But, like Batman himself, this car could not stay trapped for long! Sayonara suckers!

I admit, I am surprised this car even exists as a Halloween themed variant. With some licenses you assume there's a strict 'no messing with the look/feel/design of the original' edict, and I always figured the Barris Batmobile would be one of those licenses. Yet here we have a purple Batmobile with white scallops and orange windows. The bat symbol is still there, unlike yesterday's Ecto-1 however, so there's that. But I can't imagine any Batman of Infinite Earths driving this thing.

Maybe the Batman of Zurr-en-arrh?

Regardless, this Batmobile had to be a part of my Batmobile collection, and I can't thank Shawn enough for making it possible, and as a selfless gift no less! Thanks Shawn, and to all my readers: read Branded in the 80s daily for more awesome nostalgic fun!