I'm Ecto and I know it :: Countdown to Halloween 2012

It seems every year Hot Wheels releases new exclusive Halloween themed vehicles, usually at Wal-Mart or Target, and often they are little to get excited about.

Well this year they released two that I simply had to have...and made them exclusive to a grocery store that doesn't even exist in California: Krogers!


Thankfully co-Cryptkeeper Shawn of Branded in the 80s heard my cries and sent over a sweet Halloween care package that included the two Hot Wheels I would have been un-dead without, some Garbage Pail Kids cards, some Wacky Packages cards and a couple other fun toys to appear on this blog in the future (someday!)

But enough about those things, this is 'Countdown to Halloween,' so let's get back to the countin'!

This is the Ghostbusters Ecto-1, obviously, decked out in black with slime green accents!

Number 4 of 5, Ecto-1 (and tomorrow's car) are the hard to find scalper bait of the series. I never thought I'd get my hands on them!

Now usually I don't like themed repaints, as they tend to be gaudy or uninspired. Especially when they are on specific vehicles that have essentially one singular look, like a movie or TV vehicle.

But I can not only forgive this one, but I HAD TO HAVE IT for two reasons:

1) SLIMER! Green slime, and Slimer on the hood, are actually natural for this vehicle. Slimer may very well have been run over on the way to a ghostly call!

2) Ecto-1 started out black. Remember when Ray pulled up to the firehouse in the smoking pinging popping jalopy? It was (mostly) black.

Okay, I can't explain away the pumpkin on the side, but I do like how it is almost the exact dimensions of the Ghostbuster symbol, like it could have been perfectly placed over the existing symbol and covered it exactly. So there's that.

Thanks Shawn for the great care package and the ghoulishly awesome Hot Wheels! I owe you big!

Tune in tomorrow to see the other monstrous 'must have' Hot Wheel I received!


  1. That is a sweet, sweet version of Ecto-1. Too bad the nearest Kroger's to Miami is 720 miles away...

    Damn you, regional exclusivity!

    1. Mattel really knows how to stick it to the collector, don't they? ;)

  2. Great pictures of the Halloween Ghostbusters Ecto-1. I found my Halloween Batmobile yesterday at Dillons, the local Krogers grocery store.

  3. I really like the art work on the card more than the actual car itself lol.

  4. This is awesome! Never heard of these Halloween cars before. Mind you all we have is WalMart where we live and its usually late getting anything in (if ever)

  5. Oh man, I can't believe I missed out on this one! And there are plenty of Kroger stores here in Salt Lake, dang it!

    I was searching "2014 Halloween Hot Wheels" and came across your old post here. I guess we'll see what Hot Wheels has in store for Halloween 2014. Nothing this amazing I'm sure.